Jundland vs. Kotaku: Part One

On July 3rd, 2011 I wrote a post about Gameline. Read it, tell me what you think.

Jundland PWNS Kotaku

On July 20th, 2011 Luke Plunkett wrote this piece on Kotaku … Read it, tell me if it feels familiar.

Nice Ads Kotaku. Contextually relevant I'm sure

In Hip-Hop it’s called ‘biting’, in Academia it’s known as ‘plagiarism’. I call ‘Bullshit’

The issue here is fundamental. It’s not about the information, that’s openly available on the net, the images aren’t mine and the story itself is in the public domain. So what’s my beef? this isn’t my story, these aren’t images I own, the point here is,  the timing,  context and relevance. I saw a parallel from 20 years ago that foreshadowed a moment today. I’d call it insight, I guess Luke calls it ‘Cut and Paste‘.

Luke writes for money, I do it for the love and the lulz. Luke uses it to pay his bills, when he’s running on empty, I’m sure niche blogs are a rich source of material for him. It saddens me that a site I read daily employs people who bite and bite hard. B.D.P express my feelings perfectly on ‘My Philosophy’:

You got to have style, and learn to be original, And everybody’s gonna want to diss you …

Journalism is a snide thankless task dictated by editorial time-lines and paymasters beholding to advertisers. Jundland is the antithesis of this. Journalists are paid to write, this leaves them in an untenable position. Even when they have no ideas of their own, they still have to perform. Luke Plunkett appears to be one of these writers.

Dance Monkey Dance … write the words to bring back the people to the page … where they ignore the ads that pay our wages

So, there you have it. Look at it how you will, call it happenstance, coincidence or serendipity. I’m interested to hear Luke’s thoughts on this.

@lukeplunkett, want to contribute to this conversation?


2 thoughts on “Jundland vs. Kotaku: Part One

  1. I have steadily become less and less impressed with kotaku over the years. What started as a niche insight has become a rolling stone of cliche. It’s become what I believe it set out to contest, and with the rush to be the ‘first post’ on anything has become the ‘worst researched and premature’ post of everything. It’s a blog of bitter, pompous, arrogant(, plagiarised(…)) self-indulgence.

    I find ku flame (awesome autocorrect of jundland) a far more interesting read. Keep it up argh dubya!

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