How Peter Molyneux can transform Kinect

Kinect needs to keep moving forward.

There isn’t a  problem with the sales, the visibility or the share of mind. People know what it is, they can pronounce what it’s called (in some cases with ease), and those who have played Kinect Sports are probably of the belief that it currently represents the high watermark in Video Game Bowling. In many cases that was probably was the main battleground that Microsoft were looking towards, the middle ground. Kinect is a step change.

Like many I’ve been impressed at the fact it can recognise me and annoyed by the fact that direct sunlight affects Kinect the same way it does Vampires. Effectively bringing it to its knees, screaming and billowing smoke as it claws its way back to the darkness. I’m baffled as to why it feels compelled to nod at me, but I kinda like it.

I’m impressed. I’m not amazed.

It we consider the new Kinect audience, they’re all set. Kinect Sports, Dance Central and Kinectimals for the kids. Kinectimals contains stealth exercise, be aware of that fact before you stumble into it thinking it’s like being a digital horse whisperer. Star Jumps, Kinectimals contains Star Jumps. I would have love to see the way they snook that into the game concept documentation.

I blame Pete Molyneux. Shit, everyone has been doing that for years. When you Google him the fourth suggestion is ‘Peter Molyneux is a Liar’. Molyneux is a lightning rod of creativity, genius, frustration and bullshit. He’s also the closest we’ve got to an alchemist, a soothsayer and a true fucking creative genius in games. Molyneux makes Cliffy B seem like a frat boy high on glue with a dildo filled with stupidity rammed up his arse. Cliffy B reimagining Kinect is like a CoDtard with an MBA, unthinkable. Molyneux is the key to Kinect.

Milo is the Project Blue Beam of Kinect.

Consider the facts:

  • Step 1: The breakdown of all archaeological knowledge (The Fable series)
  • Step 2: A gigantic space show merging every deity into the Antichrist (The Natal/Milo video)
  • Step 3: A belief their God is talking to them through Telepathy (Molyneux on Twitter)
  • Step 4: Chaos leading to rapture giving way to a New World Order (this also co-incides with Project Milo shipping)

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