This weekend we took the Wii on tour. It came with us to Huddersfield. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out this Touch! Generations theory Nintendo make so much of.  They took a step away from the console arms race, and decided to widen the appeal of gaming. Thus far it has been hugely successful, as was the DS before it. The Wii is outselling the PS3 4:1.

The first console I played was a Nintendo, although the first I owned was a Sega. When Sega fell in the race, It was like the baton had been handed to Nintendo, and in a “Chariots of Fire” Style, they ran with it. Sure, there have been stumbles along the way … but they never lost money and by a strange quirk of fate seem to be in the pole position in this generation.

On Friday we played bowling on the Wii. Me (36), Sara (34), Harvey (7) and Mum (63). It was like a Nintendo dream come true. Three generations!

Intially my mum was a little confused about the button pressing, Harvey was a little frustrated by the need to control his limbs, he is a big fan of outlandish movements at the best of times.  I was quietly laughing to myself in the opening rounds … Hehehehe! Its just between Me and Sara, I thought (cue: Evil Supervillain Laugh!). By round 3 my mum was still asking “What do I do again?” and “Where is the B button?”.

I had this one in the bag.

Then the Nintendo dream came true, my mum picked it up, and suddenly the spares and strikes started to flow. At one point she even did a victory dance, that was mildly remiscent of a 63 year old Beyonce from Huddersfield. Oh, Shigeru … What have you done?

The outcome? Mum won with 141 points. I forget everyone elses scores but thats etched into my memory. She hadn’t played a video game since she tried Scramble on my ZX81.

My Mum pwned us.


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